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Sophia Chalklen

At Euphoric Art Collections, we are pleased to share the nature-inspired visionary artworks of British painter Sophia Chalklen. With her bold use of colour, intricate details, and spiritual aesthetic, Sophia creates striking contemporary pieces that connect deeply with the viewer. 

Initially a textile designer and fine jewellery creator for elite clients, Sophia brings an incredible eye for detail to her emotive paintings. Now a full-time artist, she finds inspiration in the natural world and light around her in rural England. Sophia's artworks, embellished in 24ct gold leaf, convey a magical quality that transports the viewer. 

So read on to learn about Sophia's pivot from design into stirring fine art, the emotional resonance she captures, and why her gold-adorned paintings are earning acclaim from galleries and collectors.

Sophia Chalklen FIne Art Tree

Sophia Chalklen's Winding Path to Fine Art Expression

Sophia's creative talents first took root during her studies at Winchester School of Art, where she completed a BA specialising in textile design. This led her to work as a printed textile designer for several high-street brands before her intricate eye for detail soon caught the attention of elite jewellers Asprey and Garrard. Sophia spent years as a fine jewellery designer for the Crown Jewellers, creating ornate pieces for English and Middle Eastern royalty.  

After starting a family, Sophia returned to her passion for painting and fine art. She founded an art school teaching students of all ages at local studios and care homes. However, during the pandemic, a long illness caused by COVID complications left Sophia housebound and unable to walk for months.  

To cope, she turned to painting nature scenes from her window. The creative outlet lit an inner spark. Sophia slowly built a body of vibrant, light-filled landscape and wildlife artworks infused with a magical quality. Within a startlingly short period, her new dedication to painting blossomed into a full-time art career.

Now, Sophia finds solace and inspiration in nature and donates a portion of her art sales to conservation causes close to her heart. She continues her artistic journey by capturing nature's beauty and resilience in her own distinctive style. 

Sophia Chalklen Gorilla Fine Art

Immerse Yourself in Sophia Chalklen's Fine Art Visions

Sophia works primarily in oil paints to create emotionally evocative contemporary landscapes and wildlife scenes. She embraces vivid colour palettes and incorporates intricate details that transport viewers into the natural world. 

Many of Sophia's pieces feature stunning depictions of trees, such as the gorgeous autumn hues in "Serenity" and "Reflections of Autumn." The dense fall foliage seems to glow, inviting peaceful contemplation.

For an extra touch of magic, Sophia embellishes select works with 24ct gold and silver leaf, like in her mystical original artwork, exclusive to Euphoric, “Breaking Through”, which depicts the winter sun breaking through the trees with shimmering embellished barks. 

In addition to wooded landscapes, Sophia also paints exotic wildlife, as displayed in her soulful elephant portrait "Spirit of Africa." Sophia's large statement canvases uplift any living area when displayed as striking centrepieces. For more intimate spaces, smaller prints can still pack a vibrant punch into natural light-filled rooms. 

So let Sophia Chalklen's fine art visions infuse your home with joy, light, and the wonder of the natural world. Her glowing landscapes impart peaceful seasonal hues, while exotic creatures connect us to the majesty of the earth.

Fine Art By Sophia Chalklen

Add a Sophia Chalklen Piece to Your Collection Today

At Euphoric Art Collections, we make collecting Sophia Chalklen’s inspiring contemporary art simple and accessible. Her entire collection with us consists of limited edition prints on premium fine art paper, each hand-signed and restricted to just 25 pieces for enhanced exclusivity.

You can choose from three print sizes – small, medium, or large. With our range of custom framing options for a small additional fee, we can prepare your print for an instant gallery-style display on your wall. 

Beyond Sophia’s stunning prints, we also have two extraordinary original pieces available – the magnificent “Breaking Through” and the golden “Hesperides.”

So feel free to browse Sophia Chalklen’s complete collection here to find the perfect addition of light and nature for your space. For advice or assistance securing a spectacular Chalklen original or limited edition print, please contact us directly at Euphoric Art Collections today.


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