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Elizabeth Panter

Updated: Feb 23

At Euphoric Art Collections, we are delighted to welcome the vibrant, nature-inspired artworks of British artist Elizabeth Panter into our online collection. Working from her Cheshire studio, Elizabeth creates striking mixed media pieces blending acrylics, inks, metals and crystals. 

Known for her colourful abstract paintings and private portrait commissions, Elizabeth imbues an imaginative spirit into her art. Her abstracts predominantly exude a fantastical and floral quality, taking inspiration from the symmetry and beauty of the natural world. 

Initially dedicating her career to managing an arts and health program, Elizabeth has a natural affinity for understanding the link between creativity and well-being. Now focused on her own dynamic art, her unique use of colour and intricate details invites the viewer into her artistic reverie.

So read on to learn about Elizabeth's winding creative path and why her lively mixed media art has us, and many other galleries, completely awestruck.

Elizabeth Panter's Lifelong Passion for Art

Elizabeth Panter has created art all her life. First discovering her creative talents and passion for art at a young age, she worked in various roles while continuing to paint before deciding to dedicate herself to being a professional artist.  

Previously, Elizabeth managed an Arts in Health programme in the North West of England for several years. This role nurtured her natural affinity for both creating and appreciating how art can positively impact well-being.

Now working full-time from her studio in Frodsham, Cheshire, Elizabeth mainly focuses on two styles of art – vibrant abstract paintings and private figurative commissions.

Her abstracts especially showcase Elizabeth's love of colour and imagination. Inspired by the natural world, she incorporates acrylics, metallic inks, and crystals to produce multifaceted, textural works.

Elizabeth has already garnered acclaim in her blossoming art career, and she frequently collaborates with fellow distinguished local artists, including Eddie Bishop, with whom she has shared a joint exhibition series named "Iron Maiden" at Castle Park Arts Centre for two successful years.

As she continues to refine her distinctive style, Elizabeth's unique use of colour and intricate details highlights her passion for spreading joy through art.

Add an Explosion of Colour with Elizabeth Panter's Vibrant Visions

Elizabeth Panter's lively mixed media artworks are sure to brighten any space. Her Euphoric collection primarily features gorgeous floral bouquet paintings accented by fantastical shapes and colours.  

Vivid selections like "Frida in Fuchsia" incorporate unexpected portraits of feminine icons amongst orange, pink, and blue abstract floral backgrounds. Meanwhile, original acrylic and spray paint pieces such as "Hedgerow Magic" showcase Elizabeth's flair for softer saturated hues, from fiery pinks to dreamy shades of green. 

No matter the colour palette or central subject, imagination and intricate details give Elizabeth's bouquets an otherworldly quality. So let her bright, vibrant, and transportive visions awaken your otherwise dull walls with symmetrical beauty and asymmetrical delight.

Add Vibrance to Your Spaces with Elizabeth Panter's Paintings

Captivated by Elizabeth Panter's abstract floral bouquets? At Euphoric Art Collections, we showcase the British artist's most imaginative mixed media artworks and make them accessible to you, the discerning art appreciator. 

With us, you can either collect one of her limited edition prints (elegantly hand-signed and numbered in restricted runs), or truly own a piece of her budding talent with a one-of-a-kind original painting from one of our commissions. 

With striking compositions balanced by fantastical and floral motifs, Elizabeth's distinctive paintings can enliven any space. So, let one of her striking pieces awaken your walls with the wonder found in nature and imagination.

So, if you want to add a touch more vibrance to your space from Elizabeth Panter, why not browse her collection here? Otherwise, if you would like a bit of a helping hand, please contact us for personal guidance in finding your perfect artistic match.


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