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Andrew Alan Johnson

At Euphoric Art Collections, we proudly present captivating colourist Andrew Alan Johnson. Known for his striking, texture-rich acrylic paintings brimming with magical realism, Andrew creates vivid floral and nature-inspired contemporary art that transports viewers.

Working from his UK studio, Andrew builds up thick layers of paint in his distinctive style and combines vivid colour palettes, manipulated textures, and hand-crafted 3D elements into his works. These dynamic touches imbue his artworks with a dash of magical realism and create an almost irresistible urge to touch the pieces as well as admire them. 

Initially earning a degree in animation, Andrew's work retains a kinship with movement and positive energy. He aims to produce affordable fine art that uplifts spirits. With recent features in publications like Tatler and Country Life, his unique acrylics are earning acclaim.

So keep reading to learn more about Andrew's artistic journey, his lush multidimensional paintings, and why his affirmative vision stands out among collectors.

Charting Andrew Alan Johnson's Artistic Growth

Andrew Alan Johnson's creative talents emerged at the early age of six when he became enamoured with the joy and escape of painting. He devoted his studies to the arts, earning a degree in animation from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee.  

Initially, Andrew pursued work in graphic design. However, his passion for unrestrained fine art ultimately led him to take a leap of faith – committing to painting full-time instead. He began focusing on creating striking floral paintings thickly layered in acrylics, eventually expanding into lush landscapes and magical forest scenes.

Andrew has amassed acclaim from features in various prestigious publications – including Tatler, House & Garden, Country Life, and Lancashire Life magazines – cementing his reputation as an emerging artist to watch. His work has also been acquired by some prestigious clients across the globe.

As Andrew's unique, multidimensional painting style earns continued praise, his objective remains to produce quality artworks at affordable investment levels to remain accessible. With tactile oils-inspired acrylic textures and hand-sculpted 3D elements, his work retains a kinship with movement that injects colour and vibrance into any space.

Andrew Alan Johnson's Tactile Natural Visions 

Rather than offering limited edition prints, we’re chuffed to present two rare original acrylic paintings by Andrew Alan Johnson – where his distinctive thick, multilayered painting and 3D touches come to life. These one-of-a-kind pieces offer collectors the chance to own emerging works as his artistic fame grows.

The exuberant "Enchanted" features Andrew's signature gold accents throughout the shimmering textures of a wildflower meadow. Loose, flowing paint effects impart impressions of watercolours while a realistically sculpted bee hovers above the expressive blooms.

Meanwhile, "Daisy Delights" spotlights red poppies and white daisies in Andrew's classic, colourful, impasto style. The rich hues stand out amidst metallic silver touches. Thick, tactile brushstrokes capture lifelike petals and stems.  

Both museum-quality originals exhibit Andrew Alan Johnson's focus on vibrant colour palettes and multidimensional depth. Their thick textures seem to breathe life into floral subjects through a fresh contemporary lens. Collect one of these rare pieces to infuse joy, texture, and nature's splendour into your living space.

Secure Rare Andrew Alan Johnson Originals Today

If you’re mesmerised by Andrew Alan Johnson’s tactile, colour-saturated floral originals, act quickly. At Euphoric Art Collections, we present you with the rare chance to secure one (or two) of the artist’s one-of-a-kind acrylic paintings.

These stunning pieces come professionally pre-framed by the artist himself in broad, brushed silver wood frames with no glass – allowing you to fully appreciate the thick, glossy impasto textures.  

As Andrew Alan Johnson’s acclaim rapidly accelerates, these early originals (complete with a certificate of authenticity) are prime investments in vibrant, nature-inspired art. And with our financing partners, acquiring one is now more accessible than ever, with payment plans available to spread the cost of your investment. 

To discuss or secure one of these exceptional floral artworks, contact Euphoric Art Collections now before your chance disappears like petals in the wind.


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