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Amidst a shimmering silver canvas, 'Weeping Rose' unfolds a tale of romantic sorrow. The enchanting silhouette of a delicate woman emerges, adorned with cascading roses that echo the poetry of her tears.


Within this masterpiece, words dance, weaving a secret story of love and longing. The lady's exquisite features and tender skin only enhance the ethereal beauty, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating romance of this artful expression.


Size (cm): 42 x 59.4

Weeping Rose - Abby Browne

£120.00 Regular Price
£108.00Sale Price
  • Embracing the realm of creativity led me to a profound understanding of the art world, culminating in my decision to pursue painting seriously in 2020. A proud moment came at the age of 40 when I was diagnosed with Autism, a blessing that I believe enhances my keen attention to detail.

    My art, born from emotions, spirituality, and psyche, serves as a beacon of light amid life’s challenges. I yearn to spread love, peace, and freedom through my creations. Since transitioning to a professional artist, my work has resonated globally, gracing the pages of The World Of Interiors magazine and finding a home in UK Galleries.

    As you explore my portfolio, you’ll encounter pieces painted with a profound sense of aesthetic beauty, weaving together floral abstractism and portraiture. I aim to provide art collectors with more than just a painting – a piece of happiness that radiates positivity, love, joy and hope.

    Join me on this artistic voyage, where each stroke on the canvas is a brushstroke toward a brighter, more beautiful world.

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