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I Came To Believe" pulsates with a fervor transcending time. Amidst a turbulent past, the figure stands bathed in the light, adorned with a dragonfly nestled in her hair—a symbol of the fortunate connection to a higher power. The silhouette weaves a tale of timelessness, marked by a clock, its hands frozen, emphasizing the irrelevance of time. In this passionate portrayal, the pure dove on her shoulder signifies liberation, while every stroke on the canvas echoes the profound belief that being present in the moment is the true essence of existence.


This heavyweight etching board provides a beautifully textured, yet smooth, finish. It has the look and feel of original art paper while providing high standards of image sharpness and colour density. With a weight of 310gsm, this is a stable and solid base for art prints.


This super high quality Giclée print is guaranteed against fading and discolouring. 100% acid free and archival materials ensure an extremely high longevity and colours will remain vibrant to help you enjoy this art print as an investment long into the future.


Size (cm): 42 x 59.4

I Came to Believe - Abby Browne

£120.00 Regular Price
£108.00Sale Price
  • Embracing the realm of creativity led me to a profound understanding of the art world, culminating in my decision to pursue painting seriously in 2020. A proud moment came at the age of 40 when I was diagnosed with Autism, a blessing that I believe enhances my keen attention to detail.

    My art, born from emotions, spirituality, and psyche, serves as a beacon of light amid life’s challenges. I yearn to spread love, peace, and freedom through my creations. Since transitioning to a professional artist, my work has resonated globally, gracing the pages of The World Of Interiors magazine and finding a home in UK Galleries.

    As you explore my portfolio, you’ll encounter pieces painted with a profound sense of aesthetic beauty, weaving together floral abstractism and portraiture. I aim to provide art collectors with more than just a painting – a piece of happiness that radiates positivity, love, joy and hope.

    Join me on this artistic voyage, where each stroke on the canvas is a brushstroke toward a brighter, more beautiful world.

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