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Limited Edition Hand Embellished Print

Size (cm): 

Small Print: 51 x 51

Medium Print: 76 x 76

Bouquet: Fridas Bunch - Elizabeth Panter

£100.00 Regular Price
£90.00Sale Price
  • Elizabeth Panter is a self-taught artist who has painted all of her life.  Working out of her studio in Frodsham Cheshire, she creates beautiful mixed media artworks that are vibrant, colourful pieces; very much inspired by her love of nature and flowers growing in her garden. 


    "I look and see the beauty in nature all around us and I try to create that in my artwork, I love the symmetry but then the contrast of the asymmetry of it, I think that’s what makes it really stunning. I incorporate some of the smallest details that allow you to stop and look and pause for a second.  I like to use a variety of mediums including, acrylic, inks metallic and crystals to create depth, I aim to create something for people that is colourful, vibrant and positive."


    Before becoming a full time artist one of her previous role was managing an 'Arts in Health' programme in the North West of England. Elizabeth has a passion and natural understanding of how both creating and appreciating art can positively affect mental health.

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