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Nicky Mac

Updated: Jan 23

At Euphoric Art Collections, we're delighted to present the vibrant, soulful artworks of visionary artist Nicky Mac. Based in South East London, Nicky Mac is an emerging multidisciplinary talent creating captivating paintings and digital creations.

With an eye for colour and imaginative themes, Nicky Mac's artworks encompass fantasy, floral, and planetary motifs. Her bold pieces often feature strong female subjects and surreal, dreamlike aesthetics. Nicky Mac blends traditional painting methods with digital techniques to produce unique contemporary art.

Initially studying textile design, Nicky Mac has returned to her true passion of unbridled artistic expression. She aims to create thought-provoking works that connect with the heart and spirit.

Keep reading to learn about Nicky Mac's artistic journey, creative process, notable exhibitions, and why her vibrant, soul-stirring artworks are earning acclaim. See for yourself how Nicky Mac's paintings infuse colour, magic, and meaning into any space.

Nicky Mac’s Unusual Route to Becoming an Artist

Nicky Mac discovered her creative talents and passion for art from a young age, growing up in Wiltshire, with the encouragement of her artistic mother. After studying textile design and achieving a degree from the Glasgow School of Art, Nicky transitioned into a career as a graphic designer in London.

While she enjoyed the digital creative process, after many years, Nicky felt the pull to return to her original love of painting and unrestricted artistic expression. In 2021, she made the leap and fully embraced her identity as a multidisciplinary artist.

Nicky Mac's style combines traditional painting methods with digital techniques to produce unique contemporary artworks. She works with acrylics, oils, photography, digital montages, resin and mixed media. Her style is almost instantly recognisable and often involves fantasy, floral, environmental and cosmic motifs.

Nicky Mac has already garnered plenty of accolades despite only being a full-time artist for a few years. In 2022, Nicky Mac's sculptural piece "Don't Quit" won Best in Show at an exhibition in Bluewater. She also exhibited at the prestigious OXO Gallery in an "Art Save the Queen" event. Lastly, her digital artwork, "Echoes of Our Planet," was displayed and sold at the Blackwater Gallery in Cardiff.

As she continues to gain more recognition, Nicky Mac continues to push boundaries and experiment with new styles and materials. However, she has stated that vibrant colours and soulful messages will always remain at the heart of her artistic vision.

Add Vibrant Soul and Imagination with Nicky Mac

Nicky Mac's imaginative artworks make delightfully unique focal points for any space. Her intricate digital enhancements and radiant colour variations give familiar forms and scenes a fresh, contemporary twist.

Pieces like the eye-catching “Lion Pride” or her striking Sunflower series allow you to select the perfect hue to suit your taste – giving you the option to collect your favourite or choose complementing colours to highlight different moods.

Though more intimate in size than other artists we sell, a Nicky Mac print still packs a dramatic impact. Her artistic vision shines through in the vibrant florals, cosmic vistas, and subjects she depicts (see her “Lilibet” or “Rise Up” pieces for her focus on feminist iconography). A Nicky Mac artwork contributes a pop of wonder and positivity to any wall.

So if your home, business, or other living space looks dull, her high-contrast, colour-rich artworks are a surefire way to inject some life into it.

Bring Home Nicky Mac's Vibrant Art from Euphoric Art Collections

Captivated by Nicky Mac's imaginative contemporary art? At Euphoric Art Collections, we make collecting her limited edition prints enjoyable and convenient.

Each artwork is professionally printed on fine art paper, hand-signed and numbered by Nicky herself, and includes a certificate of authenticity. Then, you can explore adding hand embellishments or specific print customisations to make your chosen piece truly yours. We also offer a broad spectrum of framing services for a small additional fee.

If you’re ready to choose your piece, explore our curated Nicky Mac collection in our online gallery. Beyond Nicky, you’ll also discover emerging talents across various styles. As a Liverpool-based online gallery, we do our best to spotlight the best of British artists like Nicky Mac alongside international names.

If you need anything else while becoming more familiar with Nicky Mac’s work, just contact us today. We're here to help make your space uniquely you.


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