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What Works Best for You?


Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

Starting a collection:

Working with a specific remit or budget in mind we can help you develop the collection that is right for you. Whether it be for a residential or commercial space we can tailor it to fit your taste and compliment your interior design and decor, be it classic or contemporary. If you wish to collect for corporate investment, pass onto future generations or just expand your enjoyment of the medium we can provide you with a sound introduction to collecting.


Developing a collection:

Looking to expand an existing collection? We can find works that compliment your current collection so that it can become your dream collection. Sourcing work: Finding specific works by an artist or to fit a theme you already have and commission works by artists.

We work for you: This is tailored to you at every level, from choosing work to curating and hanging it. 


Collecting for investment:

Finding art that will work for you in the future. We commission emerging and established artists for our clients. We listen to your needs. If you wish to rehouse a collection or re-frame works to accentuate or update a collection, we provide a bespoke service to accommodate your requirements.

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